BACKTRACK: Röyksopp – Eple

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp have proved their longevity since forming in 1998.

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland’s upbeat sound has seen them span a number of different musical genres across their five studio albums, including ambient, house and synthpop.

But just as importantly, they’ve been consistent in coming up with some highly creative videos for their tracks. Once we decided to feature Röyksopp in our Backtrack section, we struggled to pick between Eple (originally released as their second single in 2001 and included on the 2002 LP Melody AM before a single re-release in 2003), and Remind Me (their fourth single, released in 2002) but went for the former for its sheer bonkers-yet-brilliant concept and execution.

So sit back, and enjoy a piece of music video brilliance…

Röyksopp Eple


Oh hang on, we think Remind Me should be here too. If you’ve never seen it before, take a look at this and prepare for a statistical overload!

Röyksopp – Remind Me



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