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Jerry Williams - Gareth Gatrell yellowSinger-songwriter Jerry Williams might still be unfamiliar to many, but she’s unlikely to stay that way for long. Having worked on developing her material over the last few years, the 20-year-old from Portsmouth is gaining more and more exposure, with her catchy indie-pop tunes working their way into radio playlists – and she’s certainly been on our radar for a while now.

Her confident and bubbly stage presence has also been grabbing the attention of gig-goers in a number of support slots too. We caught up with her just before she set off on a tour to support Vanessa Carlton on a string of UK and European dates during May…

SYNC. Where did it all start for you Jerry – how long have you been set on a career in music?
JERRY WILLIAMS: I’ve always loved music from a young age. My parents were always playing music at home like Coldplay, David Gray, Moby. I’ve always grown up with it around me. None of my family play musical instruments or anything though so I guess I’m the first one to really take it on haha!

SYNC. What’s your approach to songwriting? Do you lock yourself away to focus on the task, or do you grab time to develop ideas ‘on the fly’? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
JW: I find inspiration comes from anywhere at any time but always from personal experience. Someone could say something or I’ll just feel something and then it’ll naturally form into a song. If I’m in a session, I tend to work differently, like I’ll be really critical of each word I’m using! But if I’m on my own, I’ll be more relaxed, I won’t force anything to come out.

SYNC. What bands/singers have influenced your work up to now and which new artists are you currently enjoying?
JW: A band called Slow Club – their lyrics and stories are beautiful and I’ve always loved their music since I was young. Coldplay and David Gray as well. Currently I’m enjoying Slaves, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Rat Boy, Jamie xx, but I listen to anything that takes my fancy really, I’m just a lover of music.

SYNC. What do you enjoy the most: writing/recording material, or performing your songs live?
JW: It depends. Songwriting can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re having writers block, my brain gets frazzled easily, I need to write about things that I truly feel. But when a song writes itself, it’s so truly exciting and an amazing feeling. I love playing live with my band as well! Such a buzz!

SYNC. What’s the most enjoyable gig you’ve done so far?
JW: I’ve had lots of enjoyable gigs but one definitely was one I playing in Portsmouth at Little Johnny Russells with my band. So many people came and were singing my songs, it was so fun.

Jerry Williams – Mother


Jerry Williams – Boy Oh Boy


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