You wait ages for a Backtrack on Sync and then two come along in the same week! But forgive me, this one is here today for a very special, and very personal reason, writes Martin Allen. I’ve always been a big fan of London band Athlete (please come back from your hiatus lads…. please!) but this song has particular meaning. It came out around five years after the birth of my first daughter and struck a chord for me from the very first time I heard it.

Written by Athlete frontman Joel Pott about the difficult start to his prematurely-born daughter’s life, it mirrored the same emotions and experiences I went though when my own little girl was born and had to spend her first 10 days in special care with breathing issues. The song begins with a sense of despair and hopelessness, a fear that gives way to the fatherly instinct that all will be well. It was a sentiment that a few years before had been hard for me to believe but important to hope for when watching my tiny girl – who I’d really only just met but not yet had a chance to get to know – laying in an incubator attached to various machines and monitors.

But the line that still makes me unravel every single time comes right at the very end: ‘Looking at you now, you would never know’. That resonates more strongly for me right now than ever, because today my beautiful, clever, funny, kind and much loved eldest daughter turns 18… Happy birthday Daisy!

Athlete – Wires (Live)

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