We like to pay fair attention to new bands here at Sync, and they don’t get much newer than Fire On The Roof. The Cardiff four-piece formed earlier this year and have just released their self-titled debut EP.

Luke Prior fronts the show, He is flanked by ‘crazed Lithuanian axe wielder’ (their words not ours!) Artūras (Guitarthur) Eidukas, and Conor Kelly from the darkest depths of North Wales. Welsh Cypriot Tony Haralambos keeps the beats on drums.

Hearing how polished they sound after just a few months as a band, we simply had to find out more about these chaps – thankfully they were happy to oblige with a chat…

SYNC: Tell us a bit of the background to the band, how you guys got together, and who’s who…
Tony: Me (drums) and Arthur (guitar) were jamming together for a while when we put an ad out online for some fresh blood. Conor (Bass)  and Luke (Vocals) were living together above a chicken shop at the time and had done bits and pieces musically around Cardiff for a couple years in Uni. We started jamming and it just felt right. We are all very different guys, but we have the same humour and the same love for music which keeps it fun.
We smashed a few open mics and the like without a name. Deciding on one was becoming a chore when fate intervened. One night jamming above the chicken shop, all the power suddenly went out and a Darth Vader style character trudged up the stairs screaming there was a “Fire on the Roof”. This misunderstanding with the great lads in the Cardiff Fire Dept made for a name the lads loved and its rolled ever since!

Fire On The Roof – Tell Me

SYNC: It’s hugely early days for FOTR of course – and we’re still trying to work out how you sound so polished so soon! – but what has been happening so far in terms of shows and working on material?
Conor: It is indeed early days, we’ve been going eight months now! It has been a case of knowing what we want and having the right people to get that across. We loved working with Romesh over at Longwave and its made for a really cool record. We’ve played some of  best venues in our home town: The Globe; The Moon; and our spiritual home Nos Da Hostel. These got us enough notice to branch out to the famous Fleece in Bristol where we played a great show in the summer, and put us in touch with a some great promoters in London. We played Nambucca in Islington last month which was a truly class experience for us.

SYNC: Who leads the band’s songwriting process, or is it a truly collaborative thing?
Arthur: Conor usually pops up with the bones to a track and everyone comes together to put the flesh on those bones. We’ve been known to chop and change things all the time and these tracks were kind of a studio take at the moment. We love developing the sound of songs, changing the groove seeing what happens – this is all part of it still being early days too probably! 

SYNC: London Sunset has something of an epic quality to it. What’s the story behind the song?
Luke: The message of the track is pretty simple: if you are happy where you are now, then there isn’t much point regretting the path that got you there. That sounds deeper that it was meant to, haha… but basically ‘the best is all ahead’.

Fire On The Roof – London Sunset

SYNC: What’s the Cardiff music scene like right now? Are there any other local bands you are particular fans of that perhaps we should find out about?
Arthur: The scene is fantastic – the heart and soul of the city for sure. You have to check out Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove, Charlie Says, The Caspiens, and Handsome Ape.

SYNC: Finally, what are the plans for the near future? Any new material or live dates on the way?
Conor: When we can afford to get back in the studio we’ve got tonnes of material to get through! But we think that’s going to be the New Year at least. We have two great London gigs coming up that people really have to come down and join the party for, including a show at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden on 25 October.

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