Gomez Bring It OnAs they announce a 2018 tour to mark the 20th anniversary of their classic album Bring It On, we thought we would mark the occasion with a Backtrack from one of our favourite bands of all time, the mighty Gomez.

It’s so rare nowadays that these guys perform together, even though some of their number – perhaps most notably the husky-voiced Ben Ottewell – more regularly do their solo thing. But this tour will see them perform their classic debut LP in full for the first time and it will be an absolute must-see. The brilliant Get Myself Arrested is one we’ll be especially looking forward to, along with the first Gomez track we ever heard, Here Comes The Breeze.

Dates are Brighton (24/4/18), Nottingham (25), Dublin (27), Glasgow (28), Leeds (29), Manchester (1/5), Bristol (2), and London (3). Ticket info here from Friday 27 October.

Gomez – Get Myself Arrested

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