Fickle Friends (Photo: Phoebe Reeks)

2018 will be the year that finally sees the emergence of a debut album for Brighton five-piece Fickle Friends. Their radio-friendly brand of indie-pop finds itself used on loads of TV shows – not to mention increasingly regular inclusions on major radio playlists – so several of their tunes will be familiar to many despite the lack of an LP so far.

As ever, the band worked incredibly hard this year, touring extensively and covering plenty of summer festival ground too in between recording sessions for the album (You Are Someone Else, due for release 16/3/18). They also have a real knack for writing pop perfection; original tunes, well produced, and topped with the distinctive vocals of lead singer Natty Shiner who, it has to be said, really has shone as the band’s live performances have noticeably grown in style and stature over the last 18 months or so.

Along with earlier song Swim, Hello Hello is one of the best examples of what these guys are capable of. Their album is undoubtedly going to be one of 2018’s must-buys.

Fickle Friends – Hello Hello

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