We’ve been tracking Portsmouth-based singer songwriter Jerry Williams for a good long while now, ever since we first heard her superbly catchy Mother almost two years ago. Since then, she has continued to hone her skills with lively songwriting and an extensive live performance schedule.

Some of her recent songs have been stuck firmly on our playlists over the past year, not least I’m Not In Love With You and more recently Grab Life, so we were very much looking forward to hearing these live and catching another show from an artist whose seemingly constant smile and positive energy is totally infectious.

Jerry Williams, London, 5/2/18 (photos: Martin Allen for Sync)

Williams certainly didn’t disappoint. Even since we last saw her perform last year, her stage presence and live performance has come on in leaps and bounds – good before, but really polished now – and she had the crowd at The Lexington in the palm of her hand for this show.

She kicked off with Mother, something of a signature tune for her, before working her way through a consistently strong hour of uptempo and downtempo songs. Among the highlights were Boy Oh Boy, Let’s Just Forget It, Velcro, David At The Bar, and Gameshow. There was also an superb solo acoustic moment mid-way through with the song Babe.

Williams rounded things off with the next level Grab Life – a song with the message that we shouldn’t let the world simply pass us by. It’s a moral that this talented performer obviously sticks to herself, and she deserves massive success for the hard work and dedication that clearly goes in to making her uniquely creative, punchy, emotive, life-affirming, and thoroughly enjoyable brand of pop.

Review and photos: Martin Allen

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