Perhaps only a band as prolifically workaholic as Brighton’s Fickle Friends – who are following up their debut album with an upcoming UK tour – would decide they need to put even more new material out before they hit the road.

But there is more than just creative impatience at play here. The new material Рin the form of EP Broken Sleep Рis their first since taking the pretty major step of setting up their own record label, Palmeira Music.

As ever, they smash it out of the park with this new track. The EP’s title track is the kind of bouncy indie-pop that we’ve come to expect from the band, but with an added air of confidence that their continued hard work over the past few years has earned them.

The law of averages states that one day they’ll release something we don’t absolutely love… but it’s not happened yet.

Catch Fickle Friends live across the UK during October – tickets here.


Photo by Rebecca Cribb


Fickle Friends – Broken Sleep

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