Starling by Tony Palmer_8
Starling, Portsmouth, 14/9/18 (photo © Tony Palmer)


London based alt-pop artist Starling recently released dreamy pop track You and it’s her best yet, showcasing her unique vocals as she sings about the ride of a love affair against a whimsical pop beat.

After it caught our attention, we had a chat with pop’s potential new star about her beginnings and what’s coming up next ahead of her biggest headline show to date in London…


SYNC: Can you please tell us more about Starling the artist, and why you decided to get into music?
STARLING: It was in some way, an accident. I finally got the courage to sing in an open mic night four years ago in Soho, and having thought I would never sing in public because my nerves would shake my voice too much, I was surprised it went okay and I held my shit together.
A man called Henry Binns – who is one half of Zero7 – was there and spotted me and then we made music together. The rest is history. I guess it’s more not ‘why I got into’ music but why I stayed and pursued music – because there is no greater feeling I feel than when I’m singing.


Starling – You


SYNC: How would you describe your own sound and who’s influenced you as an artist?
STARLING: I would describe it as honest pop – not that other music isn’t honest but it’s pop with a heart and with darkness and all spectrum of emotions rather than pretty and organised. It’s an emotional honest kind of pop. And my influences are people like Patti Smith and Bjork.

SYNC: You recently released The Soul EP, can you tells us about the writing and recording process?
STARLING: The Soul was created in a random way. Some songs like Profiteroles were actually a demo we released. We had it produced up and went through the typical process but a lot of this EP was based on feeling rather than sense.
So although in my head I had big ideas, the feeling is what you need to follow. And the demo felt effortless. It galloped. You is also very close to the demo but texture was added by a talented guitarist and producer Chris Turpin. Mostly it’s produced by Henry Binns and Chris.


Starling – Profiteroles


SYNC: Your music videos are very visually dramatic, is this something you want to bring to your live show?
STARLING: Yes, I love theatre, drama, visuals. I want people to come to my show to ‘see’ the show. You can hear me in your kitchen but you can’t hear the world in which I’m creating. It’s a whole journey and I want the audience to experience the world of this music. Lights, movement, feel – all of it.

SYNC: What’s up next for you? Can we expect more music videos or new material?
STARLING: We have another single at the end of the year but the main focus is the debut album. After this tour I’m back in the studio. Making it, creating it, and all will be ready for next summer. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Starling headlines The Waiting Room in London on 26 September – tickets here.


Words by Jonny Yates. Photos by Tony Palmer


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