SUNS UP SINGLE COVERFresh from their biggest London show to date last night, Sussex-based indie-pop band Suns Up have a sound somewhere between The 1975 and Sundara Karma. In this dreary winter weather, their sound is bright and fun, with big pop hooks and soaring vocals. Ultimately, this is music you’ll want to sing and dance to.

As the band releases latest single Love You Back, we caught up with David from the band to find out more about their music and why they’re set for a big 2019…


SYNC: Please tell us a bit of the background to Suns Up – who you are, and how things got started?
DAVID: Suns Up are David, Sam, Toby and Matt. We’re friends from school that started learning instruments together. We’d spend hours in the music block making noise and we’ve been doing it ever since.

SYNC: What exciting things have happened to the band so far?
DAVID: After our hearing our first single Stay we were invited by Adam Audio to do a session at Pool studio – that was a great. We’ve also visited some cool places because of music. We got ourselves a van and we often go on road trips writing together while playing our music to new people all over the country.

SYNC: Congratulations on your new single. What (or who) inspired Love You Back?
DAVID: Thank you. Love You Back was actually the first track we wrote. It’s all about excitement and apprehension of seeing someone you like on a night out. There’s always that conflict of knowing what you want to say, but not having the courage to say it, and Love You Back basically tells that story.


Suns Up – Love You Back


SYNC: Was the songwriting process different writing as a band as opposed to writing individually?
DAVID: A lot of our songs get written acoustically initially, and then we’ll develop them together. It’s good having someone to go to when you’re stuck on a song, it allows ideas to go in directions that you never thought they could.

SYNC: Who would you say are your musical influences? Do you all have similar tastes in music?
DAVID: There’s a definite vein in the band’s music taste. We’re big fans of Paul Simon’s Graceland and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, so we take a lot from them. But bands like Flyte, Tame Impala and Blossoms are great influencers to us, sonically and in terms of songwriting.

SYNC: Love You Back is a very catchy track. What are the songs that you can’t get out of your heads?
DAVID: At the moment we can’t stop playing Bambi by Hippo Campus. I love the way the words and melody flow and the production is perfect

SYNC: Finally, what are the plans for the near future? Can we expect any new music or live dates in the New Year?
DAVID: We’re busy finishing our next release now. So there will definitely be some news coming up in the new year. We’ll have another live date to announce very soon as well!

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Words by Narzra Ahmed


Suns Up – Stay


SUNS UP 2.png

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