One of the biggest musical influences on our year has been South London foursome Childcare, whose quirky alt-pop feels fresh-yet-familiar all at the same time. Ahead of the imminent release of their debut album in early 2019, we salute what was for us one of their big highlights from the past year – the unparalleled Man Down.

Singer Ed Cares said of the track: “At the risk of being accused of jumping on the mental health bandwagon, this song is a rallying cry to my fellow man; be vulnerable, be open, be sensitive and don’t be afraid to moisturise your knuckles if they get dry.”

Cares and bandmates Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Le Gate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums), have been steadily building momentum over the past couple of years. There’s a lot of creative invention in their brand of leftfield art-punk pop, and a sense that there is much more to come from them.


Photo by Martin Allen


Childcare – Man Down (King Kong Shake)

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