Marsicans (4)
Marsicans (photo © Phoebe Reeks for Sync)


As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on what has been a great year for Sync specifically, and the music we love in general. We’ve covered more live shows than ever before thanks to our ridiculously talented team of photographers and reviewers, plus our site traffic has ballooned in a way we would never have imagined when we started out four years ago.

The selection of our annual Top Ten is never easy – not just because our editor is super-indecisive (or is he?!), but in covering more music than ever, we struggle to pick just 10  tracks out of around 50 that we would have liked to highlight.

However, the one that has ended up top of the tree this New Year’s Eve is a cracking song from a band that pretty much sums up everything that Sync is all about. We’ve tracked Marsicans for the past couple of years, watching and listening intently as they have worked hard to refine their sound and develop some superb new material. They’ve also toured hard, with dates across the country and appearances at a slew of festivals during the summer.

They’ve probably featured on Sync as much as any other band … (perhaps Fickle Friends run them closest in that respect)… but there are many reasons for this – specifically, great tunes, incredible musicianship, and irresistible live performances. Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend) is just indie-pop perfection as far as we’re concerned, and we’re proud to have it at the very top of our list of top tracks of 2018.


Marsicans – Pop-Ups (Sunny At The Weekend)




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