Calva Louise – Rhinoceros

Anthemic, straying from the mainstream and pleasant, indie-punk three-piece Calva Louise have managed to carve out an endearing niche for themselves with their debut album Rhinoceros.

Hailing from all corners of the world- with Venezuelan front-woman Jess Allanic, Kiwi Ben Parker on drums, and Frenchman Alizon Taho on bass – it’s no surprise that their music comes across other-worldly; transcending borders.

Ten tracks all jammed packed with unbridled energy, starts off with Sync Favourite I Heard A Cry, which hooks you right from the first notes. Previous singles Outrageous and I’m Gonna Do Well melodic, slow-build and satirical in its presentation, have much the same effect.

Calva Louise – I Heard A Cry

The threesome’s DIY-punk soundscape is mellowed out and balanced perfectly with tracks like Down The Stream and Spanish-tinged No Hay, both of which take a softer approach.

The trio seem unafraid to experiment with their sound as track Getting Closer stands out for its unique indie-psychedelic qualities. Another highlight is Tug Of War, as the guitars and soaring vocals instantly catch your attention.

Jess Allanic, Calva Louise, London, 10/10/18 (photo © Selena Ferro for Sync)

Other highlights come in toward the end of the record, in the form of dance-worthy track Cruel Girl and Down The Stream which calms you with its tranquil instrumentation and lyricism.

Final anthemic track Out Of Use is the perfect way to exit a production that showcases immense talent, as it adopts everything Rhinoceros has stood for – outrageous energy, captivating vocals, and a story of the world in which we live and the people that inhabit it.

Calva Louise’s brand of spiky, raucous and melodic punk rejects the mainstream, and sets out a manifesto for what we should be listening to.

Review by Malvika Padin

Header photo by Keira Cullinane

Calva Louise – Tug Of War

Calva Louise – Outrageous

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