It’s been a while since we caught up with Icelandic band Vök, so we had a chat with the band’s singer Margrét Rán in the calm between two extensive bouts of touring in support of their stunning new album…

SYNC: It’s getting on for two years since we first featured Vök, so what’s been happening for you guys since debut album Figure?
Margrét Rán: A lot has changed, there’s been some changes in the band as in we have a new drummer and his name is Bergur, who’s a wonderful human being. Einar is now playing the guitar and bass so our live set has changed a bit and the music in general. We have made a new album, won an award for the best album of the year in electronic music in Iceland. Einar has had a baby girl… and I got a baby cat.

Vök – Night & Day

SYNC: The new material has been on repeat for us since each track has dropped. There’s been a fairly big shift in approach to these new songs – how did that change come about? Was it a conscious thing from the start or has it evolved more gradually?
I was creating a lot of demos while we were touring Figure, the long bus hours really helped me kind of get into little writing zone and as soon as the touring schedule got less busy we started the recordings for In The Dark. Because we felt like we were hungry to make another album since we had all the material prepared and we were also excited to try new things and try out other directions with our music.

Vök – Erase You

SYNC: In our interview with Andri back in the day, he told us that live shows are a key component for the band. Does that remain true now and, if so, how has the new sound changed the live proposition both for the fans and for the band?
Yes the live show is definitely a key component. We are constantly making sound improvements and adding new things to our live set. Now we are touring with a light tech to make the live set also more visually exciting, so it’s all a bit exciting!

SYNC: The new album – In The Dark – has been out for a week or so. How did putting this together differ from the experience of making the first LP, both in practical and emotional terms?
This album is much more personal, I wasn’t the main lyricist in the band before but on this album I am but Einar had a big part in gluing them together. The Figure album was more about general human emotion and ruff organic beats. This album is much more direct and I feel like I tried to incorporate the songs/beats in a way it would compliment the purpose of each lyric and face it with irony sometimes by making sad lyrics to an upbeat happy song.

Photo by Sigga Ella

SYNC: We can’t wait to see you back on UK shores in April (and we’re hoping to catch the band in London next month!). How was the new material been received on your dates across Europe last month, and what can fans expect from the shows to come?
We’ve been getting really good responses to our new material and we’ve been really enjoying playing it! It’s a bit more uptempo and it seems like the crowd is loving it so far. Of course the light show is helping and the band was in a great shape so we felt it was a success.

The band resumes its live dates on 22/3 in their home city of Reykjavik, including dates in the UK in Brighton (13 April), Birmingham (14), Glasgow (15), Manchester (16), and London (17) – tickets and info here.

Vök – Autopilot

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