Derbyshire rockers Drenge brought an energetic performance to the Electric Brixton in support of their third album, Strange Creatures.

Brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless were joined by Rob Graham and Ed Crisp, making the official duo a full four-piece. There was no shortage of moshing or circle pits as the band churned out an almost even balance of old and new songs, each one more electric than the last.

Setlist: Prom Night / Bonfire of the City Boys / Never Awake / Autonomy / Face Like a Skull / Teenage Love / Never See The Signs / The Woods / Backwaters / Running Wild / Bloodsports / This Dance / People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck / Strange Creatures / Let’s Pretend // When I Look Into Your Eyes / We Can Do What We Want


Photos by Abigail Shii


Drenge – Autonomy

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