With an understated confidence, and quietly cool vocal delivery, Swedish songstress LÉON (aka Lotta Lindgren) makes her strong and talented presence known with her eponymous debut album, out last week.

Quiet and sweet, upbeat and cheerful, the 10-track record continues its strong start right through to the end. Opening with the soaring, catchy Lost Time, the album establishes itself as one worth listening to.

With the booming soundscapes of Falling and Baby Don’t Talk, blending effortlessly with the quiet vocals of Hope Is A Heartache, and the piano-led Come Home To Me. While the focus of the record remains unwaveringly on her impressive, bold vocals, lyrical prowess find itself gaining attention in tracks like Cruel to Care, Pink, and What You Said, as the strength of her vocals merge with the impact of her lyrics to produce music that leaves you in awe.

Final track, You And I, with thumping beats that prompt you to dance, closes out an album that seems far too short, as you go back to the first track for a second run-through, followed by the third, wanting it to go on and on.

LÉON – You And I

The only slight failing remains the electro-pop-esque Better In The Dark that seems out of place, repetitive and a little unimpressive in a sea of perfectly produced songs. But even so, it still doesn’t take away anything from
LÉON – the album and the artist.

A voice that leaves a long-lasting impression – and songs that you can’t fault for anything – LÉON is an album that you don’t want to miss out on. It grabs you with its first notes and doesn’t let go long after the last note plays.

Review by Malvika Padin

Photo by Sandra Thorsson

LÉON – Baby Don’t Talk

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