Everybody knows that when you go to a The LaFontaines gig it’s like going to a party. This time around, the rap-rock outfit from Motherwell are touring the UK to promote new album, Junior, released earlier this month.

We arrive at The Camden Assembly quite early, but the most dedicated fans are already queueing in a long line that arrives till the main door of the venue.

Since this is their third album, it is obvious that they have found a sound that works for them and decided to stick with it. Like for the past release, they heavily embrace the rough edges of singer Kerr Okan’s voice mix to the ability to write clean hooks, with accessible choruses designed to be shouted back in ear-splittingly loud fashion, which are obviously made to be explosive at live shows.

And let me tell you, the crowd already knows all the lyrics of the new songs and they are not afraid to sing them along and dance. Fans of The LaFontaines know what the band’s all about by now – the fast bars, the proud Scottish identity, big ol’ hooks and the feeling of a good time.

This band never fails to amaze, and tonight they commanded the stage as per usual; from front to back they absolutely nailed it. The room exploded as Kerr directed the audience to get involved and they oblige in full, arms in the air and mobile phones at the ready, the room is vibrating with energy and it is impossible not to get pulled into the mix. When he asks the crowd, who had not seen them before, only 15 people raised their hand and it made it clear how big their followers’ community really is.

Very much the showman, Kerr was the star of the show, crowd surfing and jumping into the audience to encourage everyone to sing along. If you still did not get a chance to catch them live, you can do that in the UK tour that will be happening in September/October.

The LaFontaines – All In

Touring with them for this show was London-based pop-rock duo Anavae. With various drum sets on stage, they put on a performance that was not only incredible, but also a spectacular display of passion and friendship.

Their sound is a mix of heavy riffs and melodic and soaring vocals from frontwoman Becca Need-Menear. Choosing to play two new songs yet to be released is brave but the crowd are positive towards them. They finished their set as their started it with a big drum solo – and we mean BIG!

Review & photos by Selena Ferro

Anavae – Afraid

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