Brighton art-rockers Youth Sector have released new track Tonight and it’s a real beast. It sees the quintet double down on their 80’s influences with a fresh and decisive step away from the brightness of previous release Renting Spaces In My World into a more introspective and sombre tone, adorned with Tubeway Army-esque synthesiser and a vocal drawl reminiscent of New Order.

Frontman Nick Tompkins says of the track: “This song aims to shed a light on the contagious quality of apathy in society, and how we favour small distractions in order to avoid confronting some of our toughest challenges. We’re seeing this constantly in the way the world deals with the climate crisis, where it only seems to be an urgent issue to those willing to make sacrifices while others are happy living in denial.”

Don’t miss the chance to catch these guys live at one of their upcoming dates – they’re in Brighton on 4/11, Dalston on 7/11 and Newcastle on 19/11. Tickets and info can be found right here.

Photo by Julia Nala

Youth Sector – Tonight

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