Howard Kaye formerly a member of the electronic R&B band CROOX is making waves on his own as he now focuses on his solo career. Howard has even had long time Brighton friend Sam Carter from Architects lends his vocals to a track (Too Young). Both coming from too very different musical backgrounds, Sam with the harsh metelcore and Howard’s smooth atmospheric style they have made something truly beautiful to listen too.

Music has always been a way of expression and helping to create emotion and feeling might be hard to get across any other way, and on Friday night Howard took a moment to talk about this and the unfortunate passing of his dad and how his song Origin was the first song he wrote after this and how this was to grieve.

Kaye is currently supporting Deaf Havana on their Ritual Tour and if you have a ticket I can’t recommend enough that you get down there early and listen to his awesome voice and vocals. As an added extra, you get to hear Kaye’s new track Nightmares, which is due out next week.

Review & photos by Dan Landsburgh

Howard Kaye – Too Young (ft Sam Carter)

Howard Kaye – Origin

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