So much of what is typically housed under the ‘pop’ umbrella can be predicatable and formulaic, but Sync favourites Broods have something of a knack for taking a far more left-field route.

Brother and sister Caleb and Georgia Nott released their latest album Don’t Feed The Pop Monster at the start of the year and for us, this track really stood out. The New Zealanders have thrown plenty of dance music elements into the mix for Hospitalized. In particular, rapid-fire vocals and a euphoric tone mark a shift in tone from the more pared-back synth-pop that had been the hallmark of their earlier material.

The apparent confidence in developing these different elements to their sound has followed the earlier disappointment of being inexplicably dropped by their record label in 2017 after their second album Conscious. Free of the creative shackles that had largely determined their direction up to then, they’ve since shown just what they are capable of when left to their own devices – and this track epitomises the kind of quirky, uptempo pop that we just adore.

Photo by Dana Trippe

Broods – Hospitalized

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