Newcastle alt-rockers FEVA have released aggressive, anthemic new track I Wanna Know. Fierce and intense, the track underlines the growing noise that the band has been generating of late.

Discussing the thinking behind the new track, the band explains: “I Wanna Know is a song about reflection. As we make our way through life it’s easy to lose ourselves and get caught up in things that in time, we realise never even mattered. This song is about taking a step back and remembering who you are and who you were, when life took its toll on you”.

The four-piece – Sam Reynolds (vocals/guitar), Danny Castro (drums), James Gibbons (guitar) and Thomas Errington (Bass) – will be releasing more new material in the coming months, with extensive live dates slated for the autumn.

Photo by Dan Stark

FEVA – I Wanna Know

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