Low Island share new single Don’t Let The Light In. Their first piece of new material in over a year, it’s out on their own recently set up label.

Fusing emotive synths, skittering guitars and propulsive electronics, the first version of the song was written three years ago. Singer Carlos Posada says of the track: “It’s a song about trying to preserve the moment of falling in love, but ultimately being unable to. I fell quite deeply in love with someone who didn’t love me back, and it set off a pattern that started to continually repeat itself; a flying start and then an abrupt ending, as if someone had just switched off a light with no explanation. This song is about trying and failing to capture that initial moment in time; of pressing pause and holding the frame before it falls apart.”

Written, produced and engineered by the band, the song was finally finished earlier this year in remote France, the day it announced a national lockdown. A few hours later, they packed up their studio, travelling back through an eerily empty country to begin their own lockdown in the UK.

As well as writing new material, the band spent lockdown learning everything they could about the music industry and, like so many artists, working out how to survive in the post-Covid landscape. Out of this was born their own label – Emotional Interference – with the intention of giving the band “the freedom to make whatever we want, to take risks, and to only have ourselves to answer to”. 

Low Island – Don’t Let The Light In

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