Black Honey-27
Black Honey (photo: Ant Penny)

*** Sync. is currently on hiatus, but will be back in the near future! ***

Sync. has been supporting the best new music across the genres since 2014. Our content leans towards alternative, indie, and dance but really, anything goes as long as we like it so there are also forays into the world of pop, rock and other more weird and wonderful stuff from time to time.

The blog is regularly updated with our Track of the Week, a hand-picked tune that we happen to be listening to pretty much back-to-back, Live Reviews of some of the many gigs we get to around the UK, and Backtrack, our excuse to revisit favourites from the recent (and not-so-recent) past.

And perhaps our most important section is Discover, where we profile some of the best new emerging music acts.

Please note that Sync is a Hype Machine blog which means that many of our posts are selected to be featured in the world’s biggest online aggregator of new music.

We’d love to hear your feedback so contact us by email with any suggestions on stuff you think we should be featuring. We’re especially keen to hear from bands looking for further exposure for upcoming tracks and live tours.

We also love to hear from writers and photographers who are keen to find an outlet for their creative skills. Drop us a line to let us know where you can cover and what kind of stuff you’re into.

Thanks for visiting!

Editor: Martin Allen (email)

Past contributors and collaborators:
Narzra Ahmed
Becca Arnold
Dani Blakeley
Linda Brindley
Ace Cheng
Rebecca Cribb
Dev De Soyza
Martin Dunning
Becca Egerstrom
Selena Ferro
Conor Giblin
Sam Gormley
Katrine Jung
Mahrukh Khan
Gabriela Montiel
Malvika Padin
Tony Palmer
Tabetha Parrick
Kristian Patten
Ant Penny
Phoebe Reeks
Josie Richards
Abigail Shii
Janine Van Oostrom
Mike Vaughan
Josie Wheel
Jonny Yates

Hype Machine

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