UK-based trio Calva Louise have shared Tiranito, the first single taken from their upcoming conceptual album EUPHORIC which is set for release on 20 August.

The hypnotic track is a celebration of the band’s multicultural identity and at the same time it is the core of the multidisciplinary work found throughout the album. Vocalist and guitarist Jess Allanic often combines bilingual lyrics across the band’s songs and Tiranito is no exception sung entirely in Spanish with the exception of the chorus.

Of the track, she says: “The song touches upon the tyrants that we encounter in our day-to-day life, but it’s really about recognising ‘the real tyrant’ that is inside each of us.”
The video for the single is by director and YouTuber Jack Howard, who brought the band into an abandoned world balanced between curiosity and epic performance shots. 

Photo: Bobby Bentham

Calva Louise – Tiranito

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