BACKTRACK: George Michael – Spinning The Wheel

This had been on our list to feature in our Backtrack section for a while now but this week seems like the most appropriate time for the saddest of reasons.

At the end of a year that has seen some of the music world’s greatest artists depart, the death of George Michael at the ridiculously young age of 53 was a bolt from the blue. He leaves behind him an astounding discography that marks him out as one of the true greats of the modern pop era. We could have picked many of his big hits for Backtrack but Spinning The Wheel from his 1996 album Older seems to somehow sum up his musical versatility, encompassing touches of funk and soul into a neat and inventive pop package.

Despite so often being a target for the tabloid press, Michael was always recognised by true music fans as an incredibly gifted songwriter and a unique singer. Like many of those we’ve lost this year, we will no doubt lament the fact that there will be no more new material to come from him in the future, whilst at the same time feel grateful that he has left behind such a strong legacy of some of pop music’s best songs.

George Michael – Spinning The Wheel

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