DSC_0053 (2)
Skott, London, 7/3/17 (© Martin Allen for Sync)

Swedish singer-songwriter Skott emerged right at the start of this year with her breakthrough single Glitter & Gloss. Exquisite and ethereal, it is an unconventional track that transcended into mainstream. It was the first many would have heard of her, but it was actually her fifth single, having kicked things off back in 2016 with debut song Porcelain.

DSC_0577 (2)
Skott, London, 7/3/17 (© Martin Allen for Sync)

25-year-old Skott – actual name Pauline Skött – followed up Glitter & Gloss with this absolute beauty. We saw her show at London’s Omeara earlier in the year and it was an unforgettable night. Although the set itself was short and sweet, we were blown away by her truly incredible voice. Technically as close to perfection as you can get, her vocal ability is truly unique, able to hold high notes with crystal clear clarity, and conveying emotion though her music in the most remarkable way. Mermaid has its own video, but we’ve chosen to feature this live performance of the song, filmed at the gig we were fortunate enough to experience for ourselves. As anyone who was also in the small but perfectly formed London Bridge venue that night would surely agree, it was truly mesmerising… and totally unforgettable.

Skott – Mermaid

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