Riding the crest of their second album wave, Chase Atlantic brought their Phases tour to Bristol on what was the third night of the UK section of their global tour – and the energy levels were, frankly, off the scale.

Hailing from Cairns, Australia, the trio – Mitchel Cave (lead vocals), Christian Anthony (guitar), and Clinton Cave (sax) – are joined for live dates by Jesse Boyle on drums and Patrick Wilde on bass, with the end result being a loud and slick sound that certainly didn’t disappoint the fans who had started queuing super-early to nab a place at the front.

Chase Atlantic, Bristol, 5/10/19 (photo: Martin Allen for Sync)

These producers-turned-popstars certainly know how to put on a show. Their music is a fusion of styles, including RnB and rock, but it is the pop element that is very much at the forefront, with an almost entirely upbeat high-tempo set with no lulls, all delivered flawlessly.

Frontman Mitchel Cave punctuated his relentless performance with regular soakings of water for the crowd – which was no doubt much appreciated given the rising temperature in the room and the regular (albeit comparatively civilised) mosh pits which became a feature of the evening. In any case, it’s impossible not to warm to his stage presence, which is relatively low on chit-chat, but full-on in terms of energy and passion.

Among the set highlights were singles Like A Rockstar, Swim, and Friends, but with material drawn from across both albums and some of their EPs, there was plenty to keep the fans happy throughout.

Photos by Martin Allen

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