February is skipping by at what seems like a ridiculous pace. While that’s great news if, like us, you’re excited to be seeing the back of the winter, it is also a cue for panic and hysteria in those who have not yet have found time to check out our latest Sync List on Spotify.

We know full well that our dear readers are beautiful, highly-intelligent but ultimately crushingly time-poor. So here we pick out a few choice cuts from February’s playlist just in case you don’t get a chance to drink in the whole 50+ tracks before we toss the whole steaming lot into the archive and replace them with a freshly baked batch in March…

Whenyoung continue to capture the imagination with well-written, punchy earworms and Never Let Go is arguably their best yet in this respect. We’re hoping they’re going to be as prolific across the festival circuit this summer as they were last year.

Whenyoung – Never Let Go

Broods have been Sync favourites for a good long while now but their most recent material – from recent album Don’t Feed The Pop Monster – sees the New Zealand siblings (Georgia and Caleb Nott) scale new heights. We especially adore the left-field quirk of Hospitalized

Broods – Hospitalized

Caitlyn Scarlett is a singer who has been as busy with writing music for others as she has been with her own tunes. However, this absolute peach – a collaboration with Segal – was picked up for use as the theme tune for BBC drama Clique and has been solidly on repeat for us.

Caitlyn Scarlett – Nightmares

Short and sweet, Bad NervesDreaming is a wonderful two-minute bundle of energy that marries frenetic guitar with slick tunefulness. Not brand new, but wherever there’s a danger you might have missed a gem, we’re more than happy to help!

Bad Nerves – Dreaming

The enigmatic Amsterdam-based Someone has given herself a deliberately vague name as she says: “Don’t worry about who I am, just check out what I make. It’s much more interesting.” We adore her track Pull It Together.

Someone – Pull It Together

The superb Pink Tiger came out late last year from Liverpool newcomers Flizz. They join Red Rum Club and Haarm on our rapidly expanding list of Merseyside bands to watch very closely indeed…

Flizz – Pink Tiger

One act to prioritise on your summer festival schedule is Leicester-based band Easy Life. To say their style is hard to describe is an understatement, but if we were to try, we’d say it’s like some strange concoction made of hip-hop, indie, and the odd drop of rock. No matter, they’re incredible and that’s all that really matters – catch them on tour during March/April across the UK.

Easy Life – Temporary Love Part 1

For the full Sync List – updated at the start of every month with a frankly absurd 50 indispensable new tracks – follow us on Spotify

Main header photo: whenyoung at Bestival 2018, by Phoebe Reeks

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